Wasserman Schultz Is in Hot Water After What Was Just Found In Her Hidden Bank Account – Time For Prison

This mess just keeps getting better and better, And It’s the Final Nail In Wasserman’s Coffin!!

According to freedomdaily.com

As we have previously reported, former Democrat Party Chair Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz had to hire herself some top-notch criminal attorneys after she actively threatened, on video, the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer.

The staffer in question is Imran Awan and his cohorts, which are suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches which involved the funneling of sensitive congressional data offsite to who knows where and even kidnapping of the stepmother of the ringleaders in order to keep her quiet of the scam they were all pulling.

All of this was a group of foreign IT people who were hired and protected by Blabbermouth herself. Awan was arrested last week as he attempted to flee the U.S. after wiring approximately $300,000 to his home country of Pakistan.

His lawyer actually had the audacity to claim that the accusations of bank fraud are due to ‘anti-Muslim’ bigotry brought on by President Donald Trump being elected president.

Via Daily Caller:

“Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz seemingly planned to pay cyber-probe suspect and IT aide Imran Awan even while he was living in Pakistan if the FBI hadn’t stopped him from leaving the U.S. Monday. Public statements and congressional payroll records suggest she also appears to have known that his wife, a fellow IT staffer, left the country for good months ago — while she was also a criminal suspect.

In all, six months of actions reveal a decision to continue paying a man who seemingly could not have been providing services to her, and who a mountain of evidence suggests was a liability.

The man long had access to all of Wasserman Schultz’s computer files, work emails, and personal emails, and he was recently accused by a relative in court documents of wiretapping and extortion.

Records also raise questions about whether the Florida Democrat permitted Awan to continue to access computers after House-wide authorities banned him from the network Feb. 2.

Not only did she keep him on staff after the ban, but she also did not have any other IT person to perform necessary work that presumably would have arisen during a months-long period, according to payroll records.

Wasserman Schultz employed Pakistani-born Awan and his wife Hina Alvi and refused to fire either of them even after U.S. Capitol Police said in February 2017 that they were targets of the criminal investigation.

She said police wouldn’t show her evidence against the couple and, without it, she assumed they might be victims of anti-Muslim profiling.”

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