Should Trump Ban Illegals From Voting?

The Democrat plan has always been to give illegals voting rights to consolidate their power. Now we are finding out the dirty truth that millions of illegals have been illegally voting in American elections.

Democrats continue to argue for complete amnesty and voting rights for illegals. Trump, so far, seems committed to enforcing the border and kicking out the worst of the worst. But his stance on amnesty has been less clear.

Should President Trump crackdown on voting laws and keep illegals from voting?

To Vote, Comment ‘YES’ Or ‘No’ With Reason

One Comment on “Should Trump Ban Illegals From Voting?”

  1. This is a useless poll.
    Only US citizens are legally allowed to vote anyway.
    Take a civics class.
    Oh wait, they stopped teaching that didn’t they……gee, I wonder why.

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