President Trump Abruptly Halts Speech During White House Event and Charges Into the Crowd

President Donald Trump interfered with his discourse Friday to shake hands with a Medal of Honor beneficiary in the group of onlookers going by the White House.

Trump was conveying the address to pay tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month and was perceiving the 60 Hispanic Medal of Honor beneficiaries in the United States when he saw one handicapped decoration champ was sitting directly before him:

“Sixty Hispanic Americans have been granted the Congressional Medal of Honor for their extraordinary courage in fight,” the president said. “Did you realize that? Sixty. That is a considerable measure.”

Minutes after the fact, he saw one of those beneficiaries.

“Do you mind in the event that I go up and shake hands — I’ll intrude on our discourse,” Trump said. “I wanna shake hands with some person.”

In the wake of shaking the Medal of Honor beneficiary’s hand, the president joined the crowd in praising the champ.

“I heard you were here,” he said subsequent to coming back to the platform. “I’m happy I got the chance to meet you.”

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