McCain Says ‘You’re Crazy’ if You Think a Wall Will Stop Drugs and Immigrants From Coming to US

Since day one, President Trump has proposed the idea of building a wall that would divide the United State from Mexico.

A wall, he stated, would stop the flow of illegal immigration and drugs from coming into the U.S.

While many on the left have shot this down for moral reasons, Arizona Senator John McCain (R) is shooting the idea of a wall down due to what he believes are realistic and economic reasons.

During an interview with the Arizona Republic, McCain stated that while “[he’s] not against a border wall,” he notes that the help received from those across the border are instrumental in helping America distribute some of its most valued crops.

McCain states that 70 percent of the lettuce grown in the U.S during the winter comes from Arizona and many who help farm that lettuce are people who come back and forth from the border.

“There is work that we need people to do, that we need it on a temporary basis and people should be as they have for years be able to rotate back and forth.”


“We need highly skilled workers and I’m all in favor of that aspect of the proposal, but we also have to have the low skilled workers that provide a lot of the work that Americans simply will not do.”

While not mentioned in the video, McCain goes on to say, according to Mediaite:

“We need technology, we need drones, we need surveillance capabilities and we need rapid-reaction capabilities … but to think that a wall is going to stop illegal immigration or drugs is crazy.”

As of now, the White House is eagerly trying to convince Congress to approve funding for the wall.

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