Eminem Attacks Trump in 4-minute of Furious Rap

Eminem opened a fierce assault on President Donald Trump in a rep video broadcast during the BEST hip-hop awards on the evening of the night, which became viral almost as soon as it was announced.

During a more than 4-minute verbal partition called “The Storm,” Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Masters, trump attacks his response to events in Charlottesville, Virginia, his repeated attacks on the NFL protesters and his war with words from the North Korea.

In a video filmed Friday in Roper’s hometown of Detroit, according to Variety, Eminem, in a parking structure, as well as nine others look in the background.

Eminem launched an explosive attack on the president, calling them “kamikaze” that could provoke “a nuclear holocaust” and “a racist 94-year-old grandfather”.

From a series of Trump tweets two weeks ago against the NFL protests over the national ensemble, Eminem said:

This is his form of distraction
Plus, he gets a huge reaction
when he attacks the NFL, so we focus on it
Instead of talking about Puerto Rico or for reforming a gun for Nevada
All these terrible tragedies and he is poor and would be the first
caused a storm from Twitter with Packers.

Eminem issued an ultimatum to his fans, who could be supporters of the president.

And every my admirer who is his supporter
I draw in a sand line
You are for or against
And if you can not decide who you like more and you are divided
On which you should stand by
I’ll do it for you with this

The rapper follows the line with the middle finger of the camera.

At one point Eminem raises a figure in the air, which he says is for Colin Kopernik, a former San Francisco 49ers policeman who was the first in the NFL to protest what he says is a racist injustice in the United States by kneeling the national ensemble in 2016 in a pre-season game.

“Thank you, @Eminem,” Twitter said Tuesday night.

The video on Tuesday night was not the first blow to rapper Trump.

During the presidential election in 2016, Eminem called Trump “a loose ball”. Which does not have to respond to anyone in an almost 8-minute run with the title “Campaign for Speech”.

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