5 Awesome Instagram Travel Accounts You Need To Follow

Awesome Instagram Travel Accounts

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Craving adventure? Inspiration? Beauty? Follow these accounts, they’re guaranteed to fuel your wanderlust. From gorgeous sunsets to van life and luxury hotels, to inspirational men & women, these accounts make me feel alive.

1. @travel.life.style

2. @backpackerstory

3. @florabaker

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Last week I watched the midsummer sun set on the Mediterranean Sea from a kayak off the coast of Mallorca. Today, on the eve of the Blood Moon, I can't get out of bed. Depression and the grief process have become so intertwined for me that it's hard to figure out what's happening. But does the name of the emotional struggle you're going through really matter, though? I'm supposed to be posting about the fantastic time I had with the @inadventures.travel crew on board our sailboat last week – and I did, it was spectacular, with a group of gorgeous women and sea-worthy escapades which I really want to write stories about. But right now I can't. Right now I've been spending my days sobbing over photo albums of my parents when I hadn't yet met them. I've been sitting at my dad's old wooden desk, a blog post open on my laptop, unable to hold myself together. I've been attacking my overgrown garden with a pair of shears, hoping I can snip away the sadness. I've been crying more violently, more angrily, more devastatedly, than I have in weeks. These emotions aren't visible in pretty Instagram pictures for a reason; because most of us use this app for inspiration and for beauty, in whatever way we prefer. But real life is always happening beneath the surface of still waters like these, slicing through our minds like a hot knife through butter — and right now I really can't hide it. Soon I'll post about sailboats, but right now I need to talk about not being OK.

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4. @earthpix

5. @kellyalack

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